The Turf Club Bar and Grill is one well-hidden secret at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. This wonderful restaurant features a rotational menu boasting fresh flavors for each season. The small menu also has a few items that many fans will come back for again and again.


On the menu guests will find the Grilled New York Strip. This Grilled New York Strip is lightly seasoned for a touch of flavor while keeping the steak the star of each bite. The perfectly cooked steak will melt right in your mouth while you dive back in for more.


This meal is complete with a side of hand-cut parmesan-rosemary fries and fresh vegetables. The parmesan-rosemary fries have a unique flavor and have a beautifully crispy shell with a soft center.


The Turf Club Bar and Grill is one wonderful steakhouse that overlooks one of Disney’s beautiful golf courses. Next time you’re at the Walt Disney World Resort, be sure to check out the Turf Club Bar and Grill!

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