If you’re craving Italian food at Walt Disney World, head to Tutto Italia Ristorante at Epcot. The traditional Italian eatery is full of delicious bites from a fresh cannoli to lasagna and more! Each plate is simple yet elegant and full of flavor.


On the dessert menu you will find the Mocha Tiramisu. This might just be the perfect way to end your meal at Tutto Italia. The large and beautifully layered dessert is perfect for sharing with the table!


Savoiardi Biscuits create the base layer that is topped with a thick layer of Mascarpone. Those are then repeated to create a third and fourth layer. The dessert is then topped off with espresso and chocolate. This Mocha Tiramisu is the perfect blend of bitter and sweet, making is one delicious dessert!


If you’re looking for a place to sit down and eat at Epcot, head on over to Tutto Italia Ristorante. Reservations are recommended, to make a reservation click here!

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