When it comes to dining like an A-lister at Walt Disney World, STK Orlando is the place to go. The chic and lively restaurant boasts live music, an exquisite menu and spectacular views of Disney Springs! Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend brunch or a savory steak, STK Orlando has a delicious option for you.


One of those exquisite options is the Grilled Octopus. This charred and flavorful octopus is unlike anything else. The octopus gets a crispy shell that crunches with each bite while the center is tender and mouthwatering.


While this may be from the starter menu, it can easily become a meal for one. The dish is garnished with calabrian chilies, fingerling potatoes and squid ink. Each add to the grilled octopus where the calabrian chilies add just the right amount of spice, the squid ink brings out the salty flavor in the octopus.


If you’re looking for a fun and exciting evening at Disney Springs, head on over to STK Orlando for this wonderful Grilled Octopus!

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