We’re traveling 4.37 light years to talk about one iconic snack from the Valley of Mo’ara. In the breathtaking new land of Pandora – The World of Avatar, guests will find Pongu Pongu. Pongu Pongu is owned and operated by a traveler who fell in love with Pandora – The World of Avatar and decided to never leave.


The menu at Pongu Pongu features Pongu Lumpia. Pongu Lumpia is a sweet delicacy that blends unique and bold flavors in a beautiful way. This treat is made from fresh pineapple, cream cheese and a spring roll that is fried and rolled in sugar.


After grabbing some pictures of this snack in front of the Moss Wall, you begin to indulge in this wonderful treat. The crispy shell compliments the warm and soft center holding the sweet pineapple and cream cheese.


When you’re exploring Pandora – The World of Avatar, make sure you stop by Pongu Pongu to grab yourself some Pongu Lumpia and a Night Blossom for the iconic duo of a snack! Do you love Pongu Lumpia? Make it at home with this recipe!

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