Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen (Skipper Canteen) is home to an adventure of a lifetime. The uniquely themed restaurant tells an extended story from the world-famous Jungle Cruise. While the quirky dining rooms and puns continue, guests can enjoy a wonderful blend of exotic flavors! (Even the menu at Skipper Canteen is full of hidden jokes and references to the ride!)


On the menu, guests will find “Tastes like Chicken” – Because it is! And they’re not joking… It really is chicken. Very good chicken! This crispy-fried chicken is topped with a chili glaze and is served over citrus and ginger-scented rice and seasonal vegetables. Each bite into the crispy and juicy chicken is flowing with a unique blend of flavor like no other. Paired with tasty rice and fresh vegetables, and you have yourself one delicious meal!


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