California Grill is home to Brunch at the Top. This elegant and exquisite dining experience is truly one-of-a-kind and might become a tradition among your travel party. Add on breathtaking views of Disney resorts, Magic Kingdom and the Seven Seas Lagoon and a fabulous menu featuring anything from Blueberry Pancakes to Lobster Eggs Benedict and you have yourself one magical time!


On the menu guests will find U-10 Shrimp. This Gulf Shrimp and Grits entrée combines a spicy bite with a creamy and balanced finish. The grilled Gulf White Shrimp are served over a Gruère-Piquillo Pepper-Antebellum Grit Cake with a Smoked Paprika Aïoli. While the dish brings a generous amount of heat, the smooth grit cake cools off each delicious bite.


For those who haven’t tried California Grill or Brunch at the Top, here’s a look at what to expect!

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