Teppan Edo is a wonderful hibachi style dining experience, and the sushi fans can devour a very delicious sushi sampler for an appetizer. With a second story view over Epcot and the Japan pavilion, guests will dive into a unique experience.


The sushi sampler found at Teppan Edo features 2 pieces of spicy roll, 2 pieces of california roll, and 3 pieces of nigiri all at a reasonable price! To start off with, the 3 pieces of nigiri are very fresh, light, and melt in your mouth. In this sampler guests will receive one (1) piece of shrimp nigiri, one (1) piece of salmon nigiri, and one (1) piece of tuna nigiri.

While nigiri may be intimidating to a first time sushi eater, Teppan Edo (and its Tokyo Dining counterpart) has a great team of cast members who will help you learn about the items and the proper (and best) way to eat the sushi! The 2 pieces of spicy roll and 2 pieces of california roll round out the overall experience.


With this reasonably priced sushi sampler, guests receive a large amount of fresh and tasty sushi that is perfect for sharing!

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