The Ganachery is Disney Springs’ very own luxury chocolate shop that features a show kitchen, soft and delicious chocolate ganache, as well as seasonal flavors. Each day Disney chocolatiers go to work to produce fresh batches of chocolate delicacies.


Individual Chocolate$3.00
Box of Six Chocolates$18.00
Box of Nine Chocolates$24.00
Box of Twelve Chocolates$30.00
Box of Sixteen Chocolates$39.00
Gianduja Chocolate SquareItalian Hazelnut with Milk Chocolate
Coffee Chocolate SquareItalian Espresso with Milk Chocolate
Egyptian Sea Salt Chocolate SquareDark Chocolate with Salt from the Dead Sea
Cinnamon Chocolate SquareSri Lankan Cinnamon with Milk Chocolate
Chipotle Chocolate SquareDark Chocolate with a Hint of Mexican Red Pepper
Calamansi Chocolate SquareVietnamese Oranges with Bold Milk Chocolate
Orange Chocolate SquareFresh Florida Oranges with Dark Chocolate
Caramel Fleur de Sel Chocolate SquareRich and Creamy Caramel and Sea Salt with Milk Chocolate
Mint Chocolate SquarePeppermint and Spearmint with Dark Chocolate
Pistachio Chocolate SquareSicilian Pistacho with Dark Chocolate
Vanilla Chocolate SquareMadagascan Vanilla Beans with Dark Chocolate
Dark 65% Chocolate SquareCustom Blend Grand Cru
Mango-Curry Chocolate SquareIndian Curry and Mangos with Dark Chocolate
Matcha-Yuzu Chocolate SquareJapanese Green Tea and Yuzu with Dark Chocolate
Passion Fruit Chocolate SquareSouth American Passion Fruit with Milk Chocolate
Raspberry Chocolate SquareVelvety Raspberries with Dark Chocolate
Crispy Chocolate Pearls$6.50
Chocolate PopsCoconut Ganache, Strawberry Ganache, or Salted Caramel Ganache Chocolate Pop$6.00
S’MoresCaramel and White Chocolate Crisp Pearls$10.00
Star Wars Chocolate BarsMilk or Dark$16.00
Goofy Dark Chocolate Bar with Popping Candy
Minnie Mouse Milk Chocolate Bar with Dried Strawberries
Mickey Mouse Classic Milk Chocolate Bar
Donald Duck White Chocolate Bar with Blueberries and Habanero Chili
Chocolate Bar BundleChoose 3 Flavors$25.00


Wine and ChocolateGlass of Sparkling Rose Regale with a Passion Fruit Ganache Square$9.00

*Please be advised that prices and menus may change without notice.

The Ganachery is a great place to indulge in delicious chocolates, along with a welcoming and helpful staff you are sure to find your favorite in no time! Is The Ganachery on your Disney Must-Do List? Let us know in the comments below, or let us know on Twitter or Facebook!


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