Magic Kingdom is full of fresh pastries and chilling treats, and we took the time to compile a Top 5 list of snacks at Magic Kingdom. Without any doubt, there are so many other delicious snacks around Magic Kingdom that are incredible but without further adieu, here are the Top 5 Snacks at Magic Kingdom.

  1. Popcorn in a Souvenir Bucket

Cinderella's Carriage Popcorn Bucket

Popcorn is always a great snack when you are waiting for the Festival of Fantasy parade, but for those looking for the extra take-home souvenir, get your popcorn filled in a souvenir bucket! All throughout Magic Kingdom you will find different buckets, and even make a hobby to collect them all!

  1. Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich – Sleepy Hollow


Nutella, fresh fruit, a fluffy and delicious waffle all combined into one happy place? You’ve got it all! Sleepy Hollow offers several waffle sandwiches, but this is one incredible waffle. For those wiling to share a few bites, this snack is very large for the single eater line so be generous and share with your friends or family.

  1. Warm Cinnamon Roll – Gaston’s Tavern


Gaston’s Tavern brought a take on the iconic Main Street Bakery cinnamon roll, and it is still a hit. These freshly baked monstrous cinnamon rolls are always served warm and packed with a powerhouse of flavor. Grab one of these and a LeFou’s Brew and you are set to feel right at home in Gaston’s Tavern!

  1. Churro


When you venture into Storybook Circus, one thing you must have in hand is a massive churro. Disney parks and churros seem to go hand-in-hand and if you ask many visitors, no trip is complete without one. So, on your next trip look like a seasoned veteran at Magic Kingdom with a churro in one hand and chocolate dipping sauce in the other!

  1. Dole Whip

Dole Whip

The Dole Whip is the most iconic Disney World and Disneyland snack you can find, the chilling pineapple gelato will cool down even the hottest of days in the park. But never let the line at Aloha Isle deter you, it is well worth the wait!

This was a tough Top 5 to compile, let us know in the comments or through social media Twitter what snacks from Magic Kingdom you would have in your Top 5!

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